Exterior Painting

With all the different causes for paint failure, having 3 generations of paint experience is invaluable. Each home presents a different challenge for paint. Painting over problems is not a solution but a band aid. Determining the cause or the potential causes for paint failure are the first steps to a lasting paint job. Having the problem solving products, tools and an experienced team is the second. It also helps that we roll onto the project with a trailer outfitted with everything from moisture meters and 5 specialized primers to a table saw, nail gun and everything else we’ll need to repair, repaint and renovate your home’s exterior. From rot repair to finish coat, our small (5’x8’) trailer is the home base where all our tools and paints are stored each day to keep your home safe and clean during the makeover. When it’s time to pick a color, we’re here to help. With knowledgeable advice and large samples applied on your house we’ll work together to find the color you’re looking for.


What our clients are saying

“Your crew were very nice gentlemen to have around our home, very professional.”
– Jill L.
“Anthony and his crew have a strong work ethic and are talented painters and craftsmen. Given the condition of our exterior (peeling paint, mismatched shingles, crooked corner seams), our house is quite a noticeable makeover thanks to them. Their carpentry skills were particularly important to correct what previous painters had done amiss and also to revamp the look of our front entrance. They transformed a strangely ornate combination of trim into a simpler, elegant entryway. The crew takes methodical care to keep things neat. We will readily work with them again.”
Barbara W.