Power Washing

Power washing is an important process that we put into two categories. Each needs its own pressure and cleaners to best achieve the desired goal.

1. Preparation

When preparing for exterior painting or staining, most every surface should be washed. We typically do not use power washing as a paint removal tool as this can damage the underlying painted or stained surface (we believe hand scraping and sanding are far better suited for this). Rather, for preparation purposes, our goal is removing mold/mildew, dirt and oxidized paint. This is the first step to a lasting paint or stained finish, conversely painting or staining over any of these conditions will likely lead to premature paint failure.

2. Maintenance/Cleaning

Whether your home is vinyl sided or painted, occasional power washing can clean not only your house but also, patios, fences, etc. to an almost new look. In addition to making your home look better, this periodic cleaning can also extend the life of a finish. Power washing not only kills existing mold and mildew, but removes dirt (which is a food source for mold). Power washing is a very good tool in achieving the objectives mentioned above, but like most powerful tools, knowledge and experience are just as important as the tool itself. Damage caused by excessive pressure, dead plants, shrubs and grass caused by improper use of cleaning chemicals are telltale signs of lack of training and experience, as well as carelessness. We take pride in the fact that we have the training, experience and careful approach needed to get great results without incurring any of the above mentioned pitfalls.