Rot Repair

When you’ve painted homes in this part of the country as long as we have, you see a lot of wood rot. Whether it’s siding or trim, replacing all the trim or just a few boards, we have the skill and the equipment to repair it. As part of our proposal, we’ll discuss all your options on how to handle not only the rot you can see from the ground, but the rot we may discover once we put ladders on the house and sand all the trim. What size rot damage should be filled with a plastic filler, and what should be replaced, as well as what your product options will be are all important factors to discuss.

One such option is Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), a product we use extensively for trim replacement. PVC costs a little more than traditional wood, but offers a permanent solution for pest and rot destruction because of its solid plastic/vinyl construction. With an appearance so close to wood, it can be installed next to existing wood trim and blend right in. This is the product most of our customers choose and something to consider when we discuss your home’s needs.

Creating a plan with you before the work starts is how we eliminate any unforeseen surprises after the work commences. It’s an important step in meeting your budget and exceeding your expectations.

Pictured is a diagram of some of the PVC trim pieces available.